Hidden Biodiversity

A close examination of the community of life within a pond or lake reveals adaptive structures and behaviors that promote survival of any number of species. This series of short videos illuminates the adaptive variations of ciliates, rotifers, water snails, water fleas and mosquitoes. These common creatures, abundant in our world, go mostly unnoticed. Yet, their life cycle and body structures reveal much about the natural world and the delicate balance within it.

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Termites. The secret queens of woodlands

This short piece is the trailer of my new documentary “Termites. The secret queens of woodlands” that will be out on November 2014. The documentary (45′) explores the hidden world of the subterranean termites of the genus Reticulitermes, specially ther ability to digest wood thanks to the simbiotic relationship stablished between termites and the protozoa and bacteria living inside them.
Macrophotography and microphotography techniques has been used to capture some unusual images both inside the termites nest and the termites gut.

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Mundos Diminutos 

The series “Mundos Diminutos” not only shows the beauty of the small living beings, most of them microscopic, but also their activities, their feeding techniques, their reproductive strategies, their development, their ecological characteristics and, of course, their role in the global ecosystem we know as Biosphere.

To make easier the understanding the series is divided into eight (8) chapters, each dedicated to a different ecosystem. As result, the main characters into each of these chapters are different because the ecological conditions had favored the evolution of unique and specialised living forms.

Mundos Diminutos in PDF: Mundos diminutos pdf