Microlife. Beyond the human eye


“Microlife” has finished its European tour (Barcelona, Madrid and Warsaw), so it is available again to any interested institution.

The exhibition combines the graphic work (photography and video) of the photographer and biologist Rubén Duro with the work of the designers and engineers of  Expogràfic, s. l. to explore the microscopic world, the world we cannot see through  our naked eyes.

“Microlife” allows us to realize our own optical limitations and, then, to play with the lenses to know the way to access this unknown universe of matter and life. It is a very flexible exhibition, easily adaptable to the space, accessible to visitors with reduced mobility, and with a very easy maintenance. Technical assistance can be managed directly from Expogràfic facilities.


Imágenes para la ciencia – ASECIC

La Asociación Española de Cine e Imagen Científicos (ASECIC) se complace en presentar Imágenes para la Ciencia, una muestra colectiva de 56 imágenes fotográficas de 40×50 cm aplicadas en la investigación científica. Esta muestra es el resultado del trabajo fotográfico de miembros asociados y acompañadas de imágenes de investigadores del Instituto de Ciencias de la Construcción Eduardo Torroja (IETcc). En ella, se recogen imágenes inéditas de más de dieciséis especialidades de fotografía científica, y que van desde el infrarrojo o el ultravioleta digital hasta el súper macro de apilamiento.

Catálogo “Imágenes para la ciencia” PDF: imagenes_ciencia_abril2105catalogo_b

International Images for Science -Royal Photographic Society

The 2015 International Images for Science exhibition features an extraordinary variety of images – from highly technical to highly conceptual, from entrants who are imaging professionals to those who are enthusiastic amateurs, showing subjects from the scale of atoms to the scale of the Universe. The exhibition showcases intriguing and awe-inspiring imagery, revealing the diverse ways in which photography records, documents and communicates modern science, often with images captured with types of light that are beyond human vision.